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TAG @ Decompression (the road to the Playa 2007):

We submitted the proposal for TAG's Decompression installation today:
Our theme camp is doing an interactive art installation that bridges the 2006 and 2007 themes. As you walk up to the installation, you come across a painted version of a Fibonaccci sequence rose that is drawn in front of a three-tiered interactive piece. Around the rose is written the words “Love is the Law”. The bottom tier of the installation consists of art altars representing a rainbow of hopes and fears in the 8 primary facets of human experiences. These currents of can be seen as aspects of life, planes of existence, values, magickal methodologies, psychological states, or currents of energy.

Purple Current: sexuality, intuition, emotion, subconscious, addiction
Red Current: war, will, fortitude, power, strength, anger
Orange Current: intellect, logic, science, innovation, rationalization, depersonalization
Blue Current: wealth, abundance, values, expansion, greed, poverty
Green Current: relationships, self-esteem, sensuality, love, pleasure, loneliness, insecurity
Black Current: death, discipline, transformation, mortality, physica lillness, loss
Yellow Current: illumination, charisma, harmony, beauty, art, arrogance, superficiality
Octarine Current: Hopes and Fears regarding the future of humanity, unity/separation

Each altar consists of a variety of art pieces including a collage which names and illustrates the hopes and fears humanity collectively experiences in life. Each person is instructed to choose one aspect o ftheir life they want to work on. Each altar has a tablet of paper on it and a six-sided die. The person writes down their hopes and fears regarding that aspect of their life and rolls the die. Each die number corresponds to a power on the top and middle tier. The person rolls the die to see what path they should take to overcome their fear or manifest their hope.

We chose to work with the five elements as they are long associated with the powers of our planet and link us to the Green Man theme for 2007 bringing into play ideas of integration, wholeness, and connection with the earth. Each altar is a combination of a collage piece illustrating the powers both external and internal that a person can call on to help them overcome their fear/manifest their hope.

Earth: health, wealth, sustainability, fortitude, discipline
Air: insight, inspiration, pattern, mind, communication, etc.
Fire: passion, power, change, life, direction, etc.
Water: emotion, love, flow, unity, peace, etc.
Spirit: illumination, transcendence, inner divinity, synthesis, integration
Each of these altars is linked to a sense. The person places their hope/fear on the elemental altar and takes the power of that element into themselves through a sensory experience.

Spirit = Hearing - chimes
Fire = Sight – optical illusions
Water = Taste - Incense
Air = Smell – flowers
Earth = Touch – bowl of earth

At the pinnacle of the altar is a mirror and the words “I am God, You are God, We are all God” as a reminder to all of us that we are all sparks of divine light and that each of us is empowered to create the universe as we see it.
Huge kudos to veleda for the excellent summarization.

Assuming the Org grants our space request, we'll see you at Decompression 2006!

SUNDAY October 8th Indiana St.
bet. Mariposa and 22nd St

Starts at 12pm SHARP til 12 am
12 hrs of art on 6 blocks and a new chill-out park!
Most sound ends at 10pm on street; we hope to go until 11pm at Mariposa St. Stage

Main Entrance: 19th and Minnesota Shine or Rain
$10 donation in Black Rock Couture; $20 in streetwear
All ages outdoors (kids under 12 free)
21+ inside Cocomo (closes 1:30 am)

In other TAG news, m0usegrrl and I have been hard at work on the revised TAG Seal, so watch for it soon.
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